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While many monitoring tools did not have Kong monitoring out of the box, SnappyFlow came forward and custom-built a special module to help us monitor Kong API using SnappyFlow. With this feature, we can quickly identify API issues and resolve them to ensure a seamless customer experience.

The support from SnappyFlow team both in onboarding and building the custom module has been fantastic and I really appreciate their ability to quickly meet our unique needs in a very short span.
Prashant Chaudhari
Head of Engineering & Founding team member at Jombay
SnappyFlow deployed in our production, has helped us accelerate go-live and rollout of our SaaS platform. Our applications are built on .NET Core, AngularJS and Azure SQL technologies using Azure App Services running on Azure Cloud. SnappyFlow’s advanced application tracing, metrics monitoring, and intuitive workflow have helped us troubleshoot faster and reduce MTTR significantly.

Ezovion is an AI based SaaS healthcare platform transforming healthcare delivery across hundreds of Hospitals, Clinics, Labs, and Pharmacies to improve patient outcomes.
Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam
Managing Director
SnappyFlow gave us a view into our Kubernetes cluster and all the application pods running in the cluster. It helped us root cause issues much faster and that makes SnappyFlow incredibly powerful.
Brajesh Goyal
VP Engineering