Confidently monitor your on-prem, hybrid and cloud infrastructure and applications

Gain a contextual, microservices level visibility of your entire stack

Quick start with 100+ integrations

  • Get started with monitoring your critical infrastructure and apps instantly with 100+ updated and tested integrations
  • Use your familiar collaboration and incident management tools out of the box

Pre-built dashboards with auto recommendation

  • SnappyFlow automatically suggests pre-configured dashboards for quick onboarding. With powerful visualizations and contextual dashboards, troubleshoot like never before.
  • User can also customize the existing charts or create their own for easy troubleshooting. Monitoring data of all the components /tiers in an application can be viewed in a single pane without switching pages

Troubleshoot faster with application centric design

  • Everything in SnappyFlow is application driven so that you never loose application context – be it metrics or logs or traces. At any point.
  • Get a full view of application dependencies and pinpoint bottlenecks with ease. Provides easy correlation between metrics, logs and traces

Kubernetes monitoring has never been easier

  • Kubernetes monitoring is made simple with SnappyFlow. Provides the ability to monitor cluster, node and pod level metrics.
  • Easy onboarding of agents to monitor the Kubernetes infrastructure.

Correlate business KPIs with stack performance

  • Define KPIs for stacks in a hierarchical manner.
  • Define KPIs against infrastructure metrics, API metrics and alerts. Drill down into constituent SLOs for granular troubleshooting.

Role based access control

  • Define groups of dashboards and assign dashboards based on rules.
  • Create special dashboards, invite external collaborators and assign users to projects with view or edit permissions.

Powerful alerting engine

  • Powerful language for defining alerts with support for multivariable alerts.
  • Define alerts on metrics, logs and traces and compare alert history on a day-on-day basis.
  • Integrate with multiple alerting channels like webhooks, Slack, Teams, Email etc.