Advanced alerting engine

Be in complete control of stack performance with SnappyFlow’s advanced alerting engine

Integrate with your existing incident management tools

  • SnappyFlow supports a wide array of incident management tools with built in integrations for popular tools like PagerDuty and OpsGenie.
  • Never miss an alert and get notified on multiple channels like email, Slack, Microsoft Teams and on any webhook supported tool
Integrate with your existing incident

High fidelity alerts with easy traceability to related metrics or logs

  • Quickly troubleshoot performance issues with direct access to dashboards from alert notifications.
  • Configure alerts to take you to the right dashboard to quickly identify and fix issues.

Automatic grouping of alerts

  • Group alerts by sub-systems, tiers or applications leading to better abstraction and lower noise.
  • Filter alerts by time, application, source, resource groups and severity.

Pre-built alert library and auto-recommendation

  • Easily identify transactions that are causing bottlenecks.
  • Correlate traces and logs to analyze issues at code level.

Powerful language to define a wide range of alerts to cater different types of alert conditions