Get started quickly with pre-built and intelligent dashboards recommendations

Snappyflow automatically recommends the best dashboard layouts depending on the application being monitored.

These pre-built dashboards have been designed to help you monitor and troubleshoot efficiently.

From alerts to dashboards

Tie alerts and dashboards together to create a seamless troubleshooting workflow.

Navigate directly from alert notifications (in email, slack or any notification channel or SIEM tool) to the right dashboard in SnappyFlow to instantly access the pre-configured dashboards and start troubleshooting right away.

Share and collaborate with role-based access

Take snapshots of dashboards and share with your colleagues using a link to let them directly access the same dashboard view.

Save dashboard templates for future use within your own projects or share with colleagues. Provide only the required dashboard views to colleagues with role based access controls.

Powerful dashboard components for that perfect dashboard

SnappyFlow has a wide set of easy to use visualization components to help you built a fully customized dashboard.

One application Many dashboards

Create multiple dashboards for a single application depending on your unique use case.

Share customized dashboards for developers, SREs and business users with role based access.

Programmatic access through APIs

Access dashboard components directly from your applications using secure APIs to create in-app monitoring experience .