A Scalable, Easy to Use SIEM Solution Tailored for your Business

Get a seamless SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution integrated with SnappyFlow’s full stack observability suite. Monitor, fix and report security incidents across your entire stack.

Comprehensive End-Point Protection

  • Identify, investigate, and respond to dangers as they emerge. With a comprehensive end-point protection, SIEM tops the area.
  • Whatever your scale, get better visibility and control over your endpoints. Utilize SnappyFlow’s unified SIEM solution to modernise security.

Simplify Compliance Reporting

  • SnappyFlow helps you stay compliant to security standards such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC2 and more. Simplify security audits and reporting with built-in event filters. Monitor security events by threat level, source and by compliant type.

Monitor File Integrity

  • Track and flag all file changes – additions, deletions and renames across your endpoints. Understand historical trends and filter by individual nodes to understand file integrity changes at an endpoint level.

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Analyze Log System

  • SnappyFlow utilizes syslog events to track and monitor security incidents. All system level events, logged in syslog are analyzed for security related incidents. 

Monitor, Detect and Alert Security Events with ease

  • SnappyFlow utilizes a low foot print agent that can be deployed in an automated fashion to collect and log security events at scale.

All this in an Interface that’s Easy to Use

  • The SIEM feature in SnappyFlow is offered in a simplified interface to log, trace and analyze security events across your environment.
  • Improve threat detection and security information management with real-time and historical event data. SnappyFlow’s innovative interface and design makes it easy to setup and start monitoring right away.