Demystify database performance

Maintain your databases in peak performance with in-depth query and performance metrics

Deep dive into database performance

  • Understand database performance in the context of APIs.
  • Which APIs made the call, the time taken by the database to respond etc., - all with SnappyFlow’s advanced tracing capabilities.

Keep a check on database health

  • Monitor database connections, CPU and Memory utilization, query performance, IOPS, disk utilization, throughput and latency in a unified tool.

Support for a wide suite of Databases and cloud platforms

  • Out of the box support for Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, AuroraDB, mongoDB, ElasticSearch.
  • Monitor managed and unmanaged databases running on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Monitor databases via cloud services console, or via SnappyFlow agent or through direct connections.

Powerful ETL performance analysis

  • Gain an application centric view of how large ETL jobs are performing at each state and tasks.
  • Understand cross talk between ETL jobs and query performance.