Deeper observability
for accurate analysis

Maximize productivity and efficiency with SnappyFlow’s deep and comprehensive observability features.

One powerful observability suite


  • Pre-built dashboards for wide suite of applications and
    infrastructure components
  • Auto recommendation of dashboards that “snap-in” to an application
  • Powerful correlation owing to SnappyFlow’s application centric design, including applications running across VM & Kubernetes environments
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  • ​​Search and Analytics feature
  • Parse and feature extraction on Ingest
  • Log Signatures to hide or show or stop collection of specific logs
  • Significantly reduce noise, improve triaging as well as reduce log storage costs
  • Log Archival that provides 10-40x storage compression, inline search without needing to re-ingest from archives, and fast searches on large archives based on SnappyFlow’s innovative technology
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  • ​Tracing of Java, Python, Ruby, GoLang, PHP, .NET and Node.js applications
  • Open tracing compliant; integrated with Jaeger
  • Optimized sampling and collection to minimize performance impact
  • Support for both Synchronous and Asynchronous tracing, including support for custom tagging
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  • High fidelity alerts with excellent traceability to its related metrics or logs
  • Pre-built alert library and auto-recommendation
  • Powerful language to define a wide range of alerts to cater different types of alert conditions
  • Automatic grouping of alerts by sub-systems, tiers or applications leading to better abstraction and lower noise
  • Notifications via Email, Slack, Pager Duty or Webhooks
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  • Monitor availability and response times of API end-points
  • Provision workloads easily with sfPoller module either locally or globally using lambda functions
  • View dashboards or configure alerts in SnappyFlow SaaS or Appliance
  • Pricing based on size of data managed rather than workload frequencies
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All the integrations
you need

  • SnappyFlow supports 100+ integrations out of the box
  • Monitor your infrastructure and applications, integrate with your existing SIEM and collaboration tools with minimal effort and configuration.
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