SnappyFlow for Startups Get $2000 in SnappyFlow Credits to Kickstart your Observability Journey

Program Benefits

Free Advisory Sessions with Performance Engineering Experts
We have decades of expertise in building and scaling applications for startups and enterprises.
Get free advisory and deep dive sessions with SnappyFlow performance engineering experts on running high-performance, giga scale applications.
Get upto $2000 SnappyFlow Credits
Apply for the program today and get a guaranteed $500 in SnappyFlow credits valid for next 6 months.
Select startups can request for additional $1500 at the end of this startup program
Get Go-To Market Tips
Launching your product and building your company is no easy joke. SnappyFlow's go-to market strategy makes it work for you.
Get tips on choosing the right sales strategy, building effective teams and choosing the right tools to help your business grow.

Why SnappyFlow?

Simplified, No-frills Observability
SnappyFlow packs all observability tools in a unified package – Logs, Metrics, Traces, Alerting, Dashboards in a simplified workflow. Easy to learn and quick to start.
Build High Performance Apps with Ease
Your customer experience is defined by your application performance and uptime. Ensure you give predictable performance to your customers, and they will reward you. With SnappyFlow, monitor all your stacks and apps with an ever expanding list of out of the box integrations.
Scale Without Worrying about Costs
SnappyFlow’s advanced compression algorithms help you save more than 50% on log storage costs when compared to traditional observability tools and platforms.
Full on Flexibility
Choose SnappyFlow Cloud to get started instantly or deploy SnappyFlow in your own AWS, Azure, Google Cloud environment.
Join the Startup Program Today!
Don't wait – join our Startup Program today and take your startup to the next level. With $200 in free credits, expert support, and GTM tips, you can quickly launch your product or service and achieve success.