K8s or Docker. Monitoring is very simple with SnappyFlow

SnappyFlow’s comprehensive container support allows you to get started with monitoring quickly and without complicated configuration requirements.

Provide your DevOps and SRE teams a comprehensive tool bringing together metrics, logs and traces in one single workflow.

Onboard faster and understand the high-level interaction between microservices

Easily onboard Kubernetes pods, lambda functions or VMs - irrespective of platform.

Intuitively organize microservices in the right hierarchy and monitor them in the context of an application or a stack for better correlation.

Using APM and open tracing, diagnose API calls across the entire mesh of microservices.

Get a comprehensive view for each microservices

Troubleshoot better with a comprehensive view of K8s,serverless metrics, application metrics and logs alerts in a single pane for each microservice.