A fast-growing FinTech startup switched from DataDog to SnappyFlow for their full stack monitoring

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Financial services for a billion people

The client is a new-age FinTech startup providing financial and digital commerce services to retail stores across India. They serve 4 Million retail stores across India touching 200 Million customers and process upwards of 2 Million transactions daily.

Scaling up and up! Not so easy

The client has grown exponentially in the last 6 years of operations with more than 30% growth in transactions y-o-y. The growth has put tremendous pressure on the backend infrastructure as well as DevOps and SRE teams. While scaling up the infrastructure was straightforward, ensuring the entire stack worked as expected across infrastructure, databases, API end points was a challenge.
With millions of transactions, total data ingest exceeded 1500 GB per day.
Any impact on the performance of the underlying infrastructure or applications directly impacted business
Slower payment systems
Failed end user transactions
Poor customer experience
Loss of business or users moving to competing payment systems

A full-stack APM was an obvious solution. But why SnappyFlow?

The client initially chose DataDog for their monitoring needs. While the solution fit their basic requirements, there were significant challenges in terms of
To address these needs, SnappyFlow provided a secure, self- hosted solution that could be setup within the client’s cloud account and was designed to scale up as data ingest rates scaled up but with a much lower and predictable cost scaling than DataDog.
With our customizable solution, client has been able to save up to 40% from their existing monitoring costs.
Responsive technical support
Custom feature development
Data residency requirements
Solution scalability vs Cost scalability

More than just a tool provider

Being a fast-growing FinTech, the client is quick in adopting newer tech stacks and it was crucial that SnappyFlow was able to integrate and monitor these stacks. Constant interactions between SnappyFlow product teams and client engineering team ensures SnappyFlow can support any new stack the client is adopting.
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