Launching SnappyFlow Cloud for the US Market

SnappyFlow announces the launch of its Cloud-Based, Full Stack Observability Platform for the US Market. As a part of this launch, we will be demonstrating the product at the DevOps Days event in Los Angeles.

Bangalore, India & Sunnyvale, California, USA – March 08, 2022

SnappyFlow, a leading observability platform, has announced the launch of its Cloud-Based, Full Stack Observability Platform for the US Market. The product is available in two flavors, SnappyFlow Cloud, and SnappyFlow Self-Hosted, and is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, ensuring the secure handling of customer data.
SnappyFlow will be demonstrating their Full Stack Observability Platform at DevOps Days in Los Angeles. The event, which is taking place on 10th March 2023, is focused on bringing DevOps practitioners together to share experiences, learn from each other, and promote DevOps principles and practices.
SnappyFlow's Full Stack Observability Platform is designed to provide companies with a comprehensive view of their IT environment, including metrics, logs, tracing, profiling, real user monitoring, and SIEM. The platform is perfect for startups, mid-sized companies, and large enterprises. With over a hundred out-of-the-box integrations, powerful dashboarding and alerting modules, and a fluid workflow, SnappyFlow helps SREs and DevOps professionals monitor their entire stack and troubleshoot faster.
"We have seen fantastic success in India and we are now launching the product for the US market," said Sreeni Potluri, Co-Founder, SnappyFlow. "We've designed our pricing plans to help customers migrate to SnappyFlow with low risk and scale predictably."
SnappyFlow's Full Stack Observability Platform is available in two starter packs, starting at $49 per month with 450 GB of ingest and $99 per month with 1000 GB of ingest. Additional ingestion costs $0.2 per GB. SnappyFlow also offers an enterprise edition designed for large customers who need flexibility in data retention rates and customized archival and backup solutions.
"SnappyFlow is perfect for companies of all sizes," said Pramod Murthy, CTO of SnappyFlow. "Our Full Stack Observability Platform provides a comprehensive suite of features, allowing companies to monitor their entire stack with ease. We're excited to bring our platform to the US market and help companies achieve their observability goals."
SnappyFlow's Full Stack Observability Platform can also be consumed as a self-deployed product, perfect for customers with stringent data residency requirements.

About SnappyFlow

SnappyFlow is a complete observability platform that offers DevOps, SRE practitioners, and application developers a comprehensive monitoring solution. The platform consolidates metrics, logs, traces, profiling, alerts, and synthetics into a unified platform, simplifying the monitoring of complex applications. With SnappyFlow, customers can troubleshoot more efficiently, decrease their Mean-Time-To-Resolution, and deliver a consistent end-user experience.
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